The Pocamug Press colophon shown above is a lightning-quill-in-a-jar, designed by Karina Arreola (@ karinadesignca.com). The concept of capturing lightning in a jar goes back to Benjamin Franklin’s kite experiments, paying homage to the famous writer, editor, and publisher. The combination of lightning and a quill captures the electronic nature of today’s publishing business. The quill writes on the pages of a book, here represented in a form suggesting a fountain or rainbows, symbolizing both the source of knowledge and the diversity of human experience.

We are an independent publishing company founded in 2014.


Pocamug Press proudly presents the Acrostica puzzle series by Michael H. Dickman. These are acrostic word puzzles of the type found on his Acrostica.com website. The books are available for purchase from Amazon, or by ordering from your local bookstore. The retail price is $12.95.

Each volume contains fifty challenging acrostic puzzles constructed from thought-provoking quotes, with clues covering subjects from the classics to pop culture. Everything comes together in these acclaimed, wide-ranging confections for the mind.



The Later Verses of Frank Arcanity

A fictional autobiography in verse, with illustrations by two talented artists. Part of the Pocamug Press Emerging Artist Series. Coming in July 2016. Paperback, $19.95

In the golden age of publishing